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Our team includes some of the most talented, experienced and respected hair stylists, colorists and hair care innovators in South Africa

We are committed to quality, by providing reliable, superior services and products.A team of leading hair professionals dedicated to quality service. Our staff is recognized as industry experts committed to innovation and precision.

From hottest haircut trends to classic stunning styles
Regenisis Hair Salon helps you define your perfect look.We're dedicated to providing you with the most knowledgeable stylists in the industry in an intimate but invigorating environment.

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To be extraordinary for decades is genuine superiority. Should you settle for anything less?

At Regenisis Health, much more is understood then the latest fashion trends, with multiple years of greatly pleasing our very special customers, creating unique designs for them and consistently seeing to their needs in a way that is personal and distinctive. Anyone can be great for a day.

Regenisis Health & Beauty

Service for virtually any hair type: long, short, curly, straight, classic or edgy.

Ultimately, we give clients the hair & skin they've always desired,we use only industry's finest products to create outstanding style, while enhancing condition, health, and shine.